How to Block Emails on Outlook (Blocking Senders)

Summary: If you’ve been frustrated with getting too many emails, it might be time to block senders. You can easily block emails on Outlook, which will help you keep your email inbox manageable. This article focused on how to block emails on Outlook.

Outlook is a great email client, but sometimes you don’t want to receive emails from certain people. Blocking senders in Outlook is a quick and easy way to stop unwanted emails from reaching your inbox.

There are a few ways to block emails in Outlook, depending on what type of email you want to avoid. You can use the Blocking feature in Outlook’s menus to either block senders or entire domains. You can also use filters to automatically block certain types of emails, such as junk mail or marketing emails.

First, we discuss why we need to block emails on Outlook. Then, we focus on different methods to solve this query.

Why You Should Block an Email Address Outlook

If you receive spam emails from someone you don’t know. It’s a good idea to block that person’s email address from your Outlook account. Blocking an email address will prevent future messages from being sent to that address. And stop that person from sending you further emails unless they’ve changed their address.

  • Delete all unsolicited messages and clean your inbox.
  • To block malicious senders from your inbox.
  • Unsubscribe from unnecessary email subscriptions.

There are a few reasons explained above. Now, we will discuss some methods for how to block emails on Outlook. If you cannot expand the folder you can read this post.

How to Block Unwanted Emails

If you’re feeling overcome by all the emails you receive, you can take a few simple steps to help block unwanted emails.

  • First, use your spam filter to automatically filter out emails that don’t belong.
  • Second, set your email notification settings so only important messages appear on your screen.
  • Finally, consider signing up for newsletters and alerts from organizations you trust so that you’re always updated with the latest news and events.

We also discuss some methods below regarding your query on how to block emails on Outlook. All methods discussed below are already verified and tested.

Method 1: How to Block Spam Emails Outlook Desktop

If you’re receiving too numerous spam emails in Outlook. There are a few tactics for blocking an email address in Outlook. You can filter the email content or send emails to a spam folder.

  1. Open your email account and click on the inbox folder.
  2. Click on the sender or the person you want to block, or stop the messages from this sender.
  3. Click on the toolbar option at the top of the window. Then, select Junk or Spam and then click on Block.
  4. Hit the Ok button.
  5. The selected messages will be deleted from the sender’s body, and future messages will be prevented.

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Method 2: How to Block Emails on Outlook App

Did you know that you can block email address Outlook app? It is a great way to keep your inbox clean and organized. Additionally, it’s also a safety precaution if you don’t want to receive unsolicited emails.

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook application.
  2. Select a message from the sender that you wish to block.
  3. In the uppermost right corner, click on the three vertical dots.
  4. Choose the Move to Spam option.
  5. If you long-press on a message and choose the More option at the top-right corner, you can send it directly to your spam folder.

Method 3: How to Block a Domain in Microsoft Outlook

If you want to block a domain from appearing in your Outlook email, there are a few different ways. You can either add the domain to your blocked list to automatically blocking emails in Outlook from that domain.

  1. Launch the Outlook application and login into your account.
  2. Click on the Settings option you can find in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Now, select the View All settings option.
  4. Choose the Mail option from the left column.
  5. Choose the Junk Email icon.
  6. Click the Add icon in the Blocked Senders and Domains section.
  7. Add the domain in this field and then press the enter button.

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Method 4: How to Block Emails Based on Subject

Many scammers use many email addresses if an email address gets flagged for blocking. Quite often, such a scam entails the scammer sending too much of the same message. Blocking email addresses on Outlook through Outlook rules is possible.

  1. Click on the settings option.
  2. Select the View all Outlook Settings option from the list.
  3. Now, click on the rules.
  4. Provide a name of the rule.
  5. Here, you want to choose a condition.
  6. Finally, type the words or subject that you want to block.
  7. Decide what should be done to those emails.
  8. Hit the save button.

By choosing the action, you can choose if you want the message being sent to be added to the Junk Folder or deleted.

Method 5: How to Delete All Emails from a Sender in Outlook

There are a few different ways to delete all emails from a sender in Outlook. You can use the “Delete” button on the email itself or the “Delete All Emails From This Person” menu item. However, the best methods for block emails on Outlook have already been explained above.

  1. Choose from one of the emails sent from the sender.
  2. Click on the Sweep button next to the junk option.
  3. Now you get different options but select “Move all messages from the Inbox folder and any future messages.”
  4. Here, you want to decide what you should do with the messages “Move” or “Delete” section.
  5. Finally, Click on the Ok button.


In conclusion, if you want to discontinue receiving emails from a specific sender, you can easily do so by blocking them in Outlook. Blocking a sender will prevent them from sending you any more emails, and it’s an easy way to keep your inbox clean and organized. I hope your query regarding How to block emails on Outlook? Are now solved.

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