Why My Outlook Continuously Keeps Asking for Password?

Summary: If Outlook keeps asking for password, the most likely explanation is that it’s stuck in a loop. It can happen if the wrong password is entered multiple times or the server settings are incorrect. Either way, the best method is to close Outlook and restart it. If that doesn’t work, then try changing the server settings.

Outlook is known for its reliability and features that help users manage their email communications. Some of these features include the ability to organize emails by date, sender, or subject; the ability to search for specific emails; and the ability to set up rules for managing incoming messages. Outlook also offers integration with other Microsoft products, such as Office and OneDrive, which makes it a popular choice for business users.

Why Does Outlook Keeps Asking for Password?

There can be various reasons for Outlook asking for password. One possibility is that your password has been entered incorrectly too many times. Another possibility is that your Outlook account has been hacked and someone is trying to access it. So, Outlook keeps prompting for password.

  • It could be due to a server issue if you’re having trouble logging in to your Outlook email account. We suggest you recover your Outlook email password before proceeding to avoid any additional problems.
  • The reported enter network password message in Outlook usually occurs when the login settings are incorrect.
  • When trying to open Outlook, you may receive an error message that the password has become corrupt. It can be caused by various factors, including incorrect account settings, file corruption, or a virus.
  • Some other programs stop Outlook from working correctly and still Outlook keeps asking for password.

We will now address the issue of Outlook suddenly asking for password. There are numerous explanations, but we’ve only covered a handful. By following the methods outlined in this article, you should be able to resolve the issue and stop Outlook repeatedly asking for password. If you want to update password on Outlook read this post.

Method 1: Clear Cached Credentials in Outlook

When you enter your credentials for a Microsoft Exchange account in Outlook, they are cached on your computer. So that you don’t have to re-enter them each time you open Outlook. If you change your password or need to clear the cached credentials.

To solve the Outlook repeatedly asking for password issues. Follow the below steps.

  1. Press and hold the Window+R key to open the run dialog box.
  2. Now type the control command and click on the Ok button.
  3. Find and open the User accounts option.
  4. Select the Manager Web Credentials under the Credential Manager.
  5. Choose the Microsoft Outlook credentials using the Windows or Generic credentials.
  6. Select the Details, then click on the Remove button.
  7. Close the Control Panel and other applications. After that, restart the system.

Method 2: Make Outlook Remember Email Password

  1. Again open the Cpanel on your system.
  2. Find the User Account option and open them.
  3. Under the Mail tab, pick the appropriate email account.
  4. After selecting the account, a new window appears here. Find the Remember Password option.
  5. Tick the Remember Password option.

Outlook does not have an option to remember your email password by default. However, you can enable this feature in the application. So, the error message never shows on your system Outlook need password for login.

If you are a user of Microsoft Outlook, you must change your outlook password. It can help prevent unauthorized access to your Outlook account and protect your personal information. This article is a good way to learn how to change Outlook password.

Method 3: Disable ‘Always Prompt For Logon Credentials’ option

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook application on your system.
  2. Find the File menu and click on the Account settings.
  3. Again click on the Account settings option under the Account settings.
  4. Here, select the appropriate email account. After that, click on the change button.
  5. Now, press the More Settings button.
  6. Tab on the security.
  7. Click on the user identification, then disable the ‘Always prompt for logon credentials.’
  8. Hit the Ok button and close the application.

When you disable the option to always prompt for logon credentials in Outlook, you will no longer be prompted for your password each time you open Outlook. So, the Microsoft email keeps asking for password error that can quickly fix.

Method 4: Create a New Outlook Profile

If you’re having trouble with your Outlook account, one thing you can try is creating a new profile. It will essentially reset Outlook and give you a fresh start. However, Outlook keeps asking for password errors that are never popups on the screen.

  1. Again open the Control Panel and click on the User Accounts.
  2. Click on the Mail named icon and then on show profiles.
  3. Now, click on the Add button to create a new profile.
  4. Give the name of a new profile and click on the Ok button.
  5. Here, enter the name and email address of your account.
  6. Press the Next button and hit on the Finish button.
  7. Select “Always use this profile” and click on the Ok button.

Method 5: Update the Microsoft Outlook Application

  1. Launch the Outlook application on your system.
  2. Click on the File and select the About Outlook option.
  3. Select the Office Account from the list and click on the Update option.
  4. Finally, click on the Update Now button.

Constantly update the Outlook application from time to time. It is necessary to stay up to date with security features. So, the error related to Outlook keeps asking for password or Outlook account not responding error can never occured on the system.

Method 6: Launch the Outlook in Safe Mode

  1. Find the Outlook icon from your desktop.
  2. Now Hold the Ctrl key and double-click on the Outlook application icon.
  3. Now message prompt on your display. You want to launch the application in Safe mode.
  4. Hit the Yes button.


Hopefully, the article has helped you fix the Outlook keeps asking for password problems. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of changing a setting in Outlook or needing to change it in the system. If you’re still having trouble with Outlook keeps prompting for password. You can try a few other steps, like uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook. I hope the above method can get Outlook up and running smoothly again.

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