Best Ways to Print Attachments in Outlook

Summary: The print feature seems to be working properly, but if you have trouble printing emails in Outlook. So, this post is for you, and we troubleshoot the error print all attachments in Outlook. We can find a solution to your technical issue in this step by step guide.

Nowadays, Printing emails from MS Outlook is necessary, especially when you require a hard copy of your data. In this blog, I will tell you that you may easily complete this print job whether you want to print a single email or a batch of emails. Most of the Outlook users have a question related to How to print all attachments in Outlook but this blog will clear all your query.

However, extracting several attachments from Outlook is a difficult function. As a result, therefore in this post, I will describe the best method for print all attachments in Outlook. But before starting the procedure, first, let’s talk about the reasons to print emails from Outlook.

Why We Need to Print Email from Outlook

The following reasons are given below for printing email in Outlook:

  • From time to time, the users have to transfer the hardcopy attachments to their associates many times, so they require Outlook print multiple attachments.
  • Many users desire to print several PDF attachments for evidence submission.

We’ve already examined some reasons why users might want to print emails from Outlook. Now we’ll look at how to print multiple attachments in Outlook manually. If Outlook keeps asking for password you can read this post.

Manual Solution of Printing Multiple Attachments In Outlook

After the given reason, now we will discuss the manual methods of Outlook print multiple attachments, which is listed below:-

  • How to Print Email from Outlook Online
  • Print all attachments in Outlook web app
  • Create a rule in outlook to print attachments
  • Print all attachments in outlook at once
  • How to Print Hotmail Email Manually

Solution 1: How to Print all attachments in Outlook Application

1. First, Open Outlook application to your system.

2. Then, open an email message from the Inbox, which you want to print.

3. Then, at the top of the Email application, press the three-dot icon.

4. Select the tab Print from the listed bar.

outlook print all attachments

5. After that, the message will appear in a fresh window which is formatted for print.

6. Choose the Print option.

7. At last, from the Printer dialog box, select the following options:

  • Select the pages to be printed.
  • Pick a layout or page orientation.
  • Choose the total number of copies you want to print.
  • Finally, select the Print option.
print all attachments in outlook

Solution 2: Printing Emails from Outlook Web App

  1. First, Launch the Outlook App on your mobile or operating device.
  2. Access the email message that needs to be printed.
  3. Press the Print button from the File tab.
  4. Then press Print Options to begin printing the email.
  5. Furthermore, specify the total amount of pages or copies you’d want to print.
  6. Change the page’s layout to match your requirements.
  7. At last, choose a printer from the checklist of available printers.
  8. Finally, hit the Print button.

Solution 3: Print an Emails Using Rules in Outlook

  1. Go to Home > Rules > Create rule from the main Outlook window.
  2. Select all of the available possibilities for which you want to filter only the emails that you print.
  3. Click the Next button, after creating a valid section.
  4. Now, press the Advanced Options button once.
  5. After that, hit the Next button.
  6. Check the Print it option, then click Next.
  7. If any exceptions are required, enter them here and then hit Next.
  8. Finally, Give the rule a unique name.
  9. Finally, click the Finish button.

Solution 4: How to Print Multiple Email Attachments at Once

  1. First, Open the email message from your Outlook mailbox that contains the attachments you want to print later.
  2. Select only one attachment from the Outlook email.
  3. At the top, select the Attachments tab.
  4. Now, from the Actions section, click the Quick Print button.

print attachments in outlook using Quick print

Please keep in mind that the Attachment Tools will not be activated until you click on attachments in emails.

  1. The Opening Mail Attachments pop-up will appear once you click on the Quick Print button.
  2. Next, you merely press the Open button in that window.
  3. After that, the selected attachment will open and print at the same time.
  4. Additionally, to print other attachments in this Outlook email only, repeat the previous process till the finish.

Solution 5: How to Print Hotmail Email Manually

There are many ways to print all attachments in Outlook/Hotmail email. To proceed, go over to your Email account, then log in. To print the email messages, go to the browser’s menu. With this print, your email is usually not a good way. This will print not only the opened email but everything else in the browser’s window will appear. Most likely, a lot of pages and printer ink will waste, and you will end up with a congested printed page. Despite this, you should use the second technique unless you plan to print the entire page, not just the text of your messages.

To know the working steps of this method you can read the below section:

  1. Log in to your account at Hotmail or
  2. Select the messages you’d like to print now.
  3. Next, in the upper-right corner of the pop-up, press on the more command’s menu bar and it is easily visible by three dots.
  4. In the end, press the Print button.


Eventually, as we already stated, there are multiple approaches for print all attachments in Outlook. We’ve introduced manual techniques to make things easier and solve the issue in this writing. The first manual approaches with the explanation, as we discussed. Following that, we learned other techniques. I hope your problem with printing all attachments in Outlook enclosures has been resolved.

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