Tips to Remove Duplicate Emails From Outlook

Summary: Nowadays, as we all know that Outlook is well-known for its refined features and useful techniques. While checking for emails and the most recent emails in your MS Outlook inbox are duplicates of the same email, it’s frustrating.

However, it complicates mailbox management, despite the fact that proper mailbox managing is critical due to the loss of essential information secured in it. You have to remove duplicate emails from Outlook as quickly as possible so that only relevant and essential emails are kept.

Aside from this, if you are not able to remove Outlook duplicate emails, then you are at the right place, in this blog, I will tell you the perfect solutions you are looking for. Now, I will tell you what I have noticed about why Outlook find duplicate emails.

Why Outlook Find Duplicate Emails

The following reasons are given below why Outlook find duplicate emails:

  1. It can happen due to the incorrect rule configuration.
  2. Outlook Folders Not Syncing
  3. While sending and receiving data time limit is set to a short period, then an email duplication issue may occur.
  4. If the duplicate email account is configured more than once, the incoming details will be synchronized multiple times. As a result, the same issue might arise again from time to time.
  5. You may have set your mailbox incorrectly when creating an account. It is the main reason why the same thing is repeatedly happening
  6. In most cases, the antivirus program installed on your personal computer may interfere with Outlook’s sending/receiving technique.

Manual Solution of Remove Duplicate Messages for Outlook

After the given reason, now we will discuss the manual methods of remove duplicate emails from outlook, which is listed below:-

  • How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook
  • How to Remove Entire Duplicate Emails via Import/Export tab

Guide 1: How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook

While configuring MS Outlook files, you will do so more than once. When you synchronize the duplicate PST file, that adds multiple accounts to Outlook. As a result, the issue of Duplicates Emails in Outlook arises. To get rid of it, you can follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Firstly, Launch MS Outlook on your system.
  2. Go to the File menu bar and then to Info > Account Settings.
  3. Now, the Account Settings pop-up will appear to you.
  4. Next, you have to select the E-Mail option and further look for the configured account name. If it appears to you more than once, remove it right away.
  5. After that to clear the additional account, first, choose the mail account and click Remove.
  6. Finally, hit the Close button and it will completely remove all your duplicate accounts from Outlook.

Guide 2: How to Remove Entire Duplicate Emails via Import/Export tab

You will be able to remove duplicate messages for Outlook by using the Import/Export option. Below are the steps to fix this issue:

  1. Begin by launching MS Outlook on your computer.
  2. Click on the File option from the navigation bar.
  3. Now, Select the Open & Export > Import/Export.
  4. Next, an Import and Export Wizard pop-up will appear to you.
  5. After that, pick Import from another program or file tab and then press Next.
  6. After that, you might need to select Outlook Data File (.pst) using the “Import a file” wizard, then hit the Next button.
  7. You can select your Outlook PST file here, and then click “Next”.
  8. Navigate to the data file you want to import and select the do not import duplicates tab and press the Next button.
  9. Finally, select Outlook Data Files to transfer all data and then hit the Finish button.

Why Outlook Keep Receiving Same Email

The following limitations are given below why Outlook keep receiving same email:

  1. The Outlook duplicate emails cause confusion, so, you won’t know whether the email was replied to or not and if you respond to the same email multiple times in a row, then it will cause further confusion among team members and clients.
  2. When Outlook duplicate emails are kept in the mailbox, the size of the data files extends unnecessarily. As a result, the Outlook application will run extremely slow, which will have a negative impact on business growth. However, it takes several attempts to respond to and access new emails.
  3. Many times, duplicate items in Outlook will expand the size of the Exchange or Office 365 mailbox if Outlook is configured with Exchange Server and Office 365.
  4. Outlook backups typically take up more additional space, so if you preserve backups to any external cloud storage, then you will have to pay more for further space.


In the final, as we tell you, there are multiple techniques to remove duplicate emails from Outlook. To simplify the receiving multiple copies of the same email Outlook problem, we have introduced manual methods in this blog. As we’ve discussed, the reasons and their solutions using the manual methods. After that, we considered other techniques also. I surely hope your issue regarding how do I delete duplicate emails in Outlook is fixed now.

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