How to Fix Outlook Will Not Open in Windows

Summary: In this article, we will discuss some of the most common issues Outlook will not open when trying to open Outlook on Windows 10.

Outlook is an email client program that is used by millions of people across the world. It allows you to easily organize your emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks. It also allows you to set reminders for upcoming events and never forget them. Outlook is compatible with any device with a web browser and an internet connection. It can be used on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

But there are some issues when users use Outlook, such as emails will not open in Outlook or Outlook won’t open on windows. Before the solution, we first discuss the reasons behind this error.

Causes of Outlook Will Not Open in Windows

If you are having trouble Outlook not opening or Outlook security certificate error, it could be due to a variety of reasons.

  • Corrupt Outlook file that is causing the issue.
  • Outlook not opening loading profile because of faulty Add-ins.
  • Application is Outdated so, Outlook requires updates before it can start.
  • Unnecessary programs are running in the background.
  • Compatibility mode in Outlook is enabled.

Many reasons behind the error caused Outlook will not open on the laptop. There are many ways to fix this error, but the essential method is to ensure that your computer is not infected. Maybe you forget the password, and Outlook is not open due to this, so you need to change Outlook password.

Let’s discuss some methods to fix the Outlook won’t open errors.

  1. Disable the Addins in Outlook.
  2. End running program in Outlook background.
  3. Turn off Outlook cached exchange mode.
  4. Run the Resetnavpane Command.
  5. Turn off compatibility mode in Outlook.
  6. Run sfc scan command.
  7. Delete Outlook Appdata Folder.

Method 1: Disable Addins in Outlook

  1. Locate the Run window by pressing Windows key+R.
  2. Type outlook/safe command. After that, hit the enter button.
  3. Select Outlook from the drop-down menu and click OK in the profile wizard.
  4. Click the File tab on the left and select Options.
  5. From the drop-down menu, choose Add-ins.
  6. Click on the Go button.
  7. To disable all suspicious or inactive add-ins to sort out any Outlook issues. Hit the Ok button.

Method 2: End unnecessary processes in Outlook

To close MS Outlook background programs:

  1. Right-click on the Windows Taskbar and select Task Manager.
  2. Visit the Processes tab and look for processes with names beginning with Communicator, Lync, or Outlook.
  3. To end a process running in the background, select it and click the End Process button.

Method 3: Turn off Outlook cached exchange mode

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook and then access the Control Panel.
  2. Find the Mail section in the Control Panel and click on it; now select the Email Accounts.
  3. Tab on the Email option under the Email accounts submenu.
  4. Now, pick the Exchange Account and then click on the Change button.
  5. To disable caching, select Use Cached Exchange Mode under Offline Settings and then hit Next.

Method 4: Run the Resetnavpane Command

  1. Press the Windows + R key to open the Run command window.
  2. Here type the outlook.exe /resetnavpane command. After that, hit on Ok.

Method 5: Turn off compatibility mode in Outlook

Define Compatibility mode: The Compatibility mode allows older software programs to run correctly on a newer operating system than the one they were designed for. To use compatibility mode, a program must be installed in a specific version of Windows that supports it.

Disable the compatibility mode, so an Outlook application runs appropriately in a specific version of Windows. This is also the main reasons of Why won’t Outlook open on my laptop or Outlook not archiving emails.

  1. Right-click on the Outlook icon on your desktop, and select the Properties.
  2. The Outlook 2016 properties panel opens. You can switch to the Compatibility tab.
  3. To disable compatibility mode for this program, select Run this program in compatibility mode for option in the Compatibility tab.
  4. Now click on the Apply and hit the Ok button.

Method 6: Run sfc scan command

There are considerable times that Outlook won’t start due to the cause of Outlook file corruption. We will find the corrupt files using the Command Prompt to fix this error.

  1. Press and hold the Window + X key.
  2. Here, a list of different options is available. Select the Command Prompt Admin.
  3. Command Prompt CMD window open.
  4. Now, type the sfc / scannow command.
  5. Hit the Enter button to execute the process.

When the scan is completed, restart the Outlook again and check whether the previous error has occurred. If the error does not occur, Microsoft Outlook will not open error are fixed.

Method 7: Delete Outlook Appdata Folder

  1. Press the Window+Q for a quick search.
  2. Here, Search the Run.
  3. Click on the Run, and the dialog box opens.
  4. Type the command %localappdata% after that, click the Ok button.
  5. Now, the App Data folder opens. Find the folder with the name of Microsoft.
  6. Here, navigate to the Outlook folder and Delete them.


We hope our methods help you fix the issue with Outlook will not open in Windows. As you can see, there are a few different things that can cause this problem. It might be a good idea to try all of our methods until you find the one that works for you. And this post helps you with how do I fix Outlook not opening or Outlook won’t start.

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