How to Delay Sending Email in Outlook Step by Step Guide

Summary: If you use Outlook for your work and need to send hundreds of important emails from time to time. You may want to delay sending email in Outlook. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to delay sending email in Outlook.

Outlook is a popular email program used by millions of people around the world. It is easy to use and has a wide range of features. However, one common task many people find difficult is send a delayed email in Outlook.

First, we discuss why we need to schedule an email in Outlook. Maybe you already have an answer.

Why We Need to Delay Sending Email in Outlook

There are many reasons behind of send a delayed email in Outlook, such as:

  1. Maybe you want to share credentials with someone but accidentally share them with other people.
  2. Suppose you want to share your bank details with your new employer. But you shared your details with the previous employer.
  3. You have to send some personal photos of your family. Unfortunately, you share with the wrong person.

However, there are many reasons behind the delay email sending in Outlook. A few of them are discussed. Now, we are discussing the appropriate solutions.

Method 1: How to Delay Sending an Email in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook supports delay email send in Outlook at a later date and time. Instead of sending them immediately. However, it is helpful to avoid having your email inbox cluttered with unread messages. You can configure Outlook to send messages at a particular time or date in the future. Additionally, even on a specific day of the week.

  1. Create a new email, select Reply, Reply All, or Forward.
  2. Write and address the message in the window’s composition box.
  3. Choose the options tab and then select Delivery Time.
  4. On the Properties tab, choose the Do not deliver before check box in the Delivery options group.
  5. Specify the date and time when you wish the email to be sent.
  6. Select Close for this section.
  7. Select the Send option from the Message field in the window.
  8. Navigate to the Outbox folder to locate the scheduled email messages that have yet to be send.
  9. Launch the email window in a separate tab to modify the delivery time, select Options Delay Delivery, and reschedule for another time.

delay sending email rule

  1. To create a scheduled message that will be sent immediately, open the message in a separate window, return to your inbox, uncheck the box next to Send the message early, and press Close followed by Send.

I hope his method is totally solved your query related to delay sending email in Outlook. If this method not work for you you can try the another methods also. If Outlook cannot display the folder you can read this post.

Method 2: Set a Delay on All Emails in Outlook

Default delays allow you to make changes or cancel an email if it’s within the delay you create. Adding a default delay can prevent unwanted emails from being sent immediately. And giving you the chance to review them or update them before they’re sent.

  1. Click on the File tab.
  2. Under Info (Function), choose the Rules and Alerts, then select Manage Rules & Alerts.
  3. Go to the Rules and Alerts tab, select the Email Rules tab, and set a new email rule by clicking on it.

delay email send in outlook

  1. In order to click on the Start from a blank rule section, choose Apply rule on messages I send, then hit the Next button.

send a delayed email in Outlook

  1. In the Allowed clauses list, select check boxes for options you want to apply. To apply a delay in sending all messages, leave all the checkboxes unchecked. Then select Next.

delay email sending in outlook

  1. If you remove all checkboxes, a confirmation box will appear. Click on the Yes to apply the rule to all messages.
  2. Select the defer delivery box by a number of minutes.

sending a delayed email in outlook

  1. In the section of Edit the rule description list, select a number of.
  2. In the Deferred Delivery dialog box, enter the minutes you want to delay emails, up to 120. Then click OK.

Outlook schedule email send

  1. Click on the Next button.
  2. Select any specific exceptions, then move forward to the Next button.
  3. In the “Specify a name for this rule” text box, provide an appropriate name for the rule.
  4. If this option is unchecked, you can click on the Turn on this rule check box to configure it.
  5. Hit on the Finish button.

how to delay sending an email in Outlook

  1. In the Rules and Alerts tab, select OK to accept the modifications.
  2. When you select Send for any email, it is stored in the Outbox or the Drafts folder for as long as required (until it is ready to be sent).

The above method helps you to delay sending email in Outlook. If the method doesn’t work you can check the below method.

Method 3: Delay the Delivery of a Single Message

Delaying an email’s delivery can be a great way to ensure your message reaches its intended audience at the right time. Outlook schedule email send for future delivery, so you can ensure your message gets delivered without fuss. In this method you can delay sending email in Outlook for specific email. You can also recall message in Outlook this is another way so that you can use them also.

  1. On the Message section, click on the Tags group.
  2. Then click the Dialog Launcher icon that appears.
  3. On the More Options section, click the Delay Delivery button.
  4. Select the Do not deliver before check box at the Properties dialog box.
  5. Set delivery options using the delivery date and time slot.
  6. Click on the Close button.
  7. After you’re done composing your email, click Send in the message window.

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Method 4: How to Send Emails Later in Outlook

If you’re like most people, you probably send many emails. But sometimes, you don’t have time to send them right away. With Outlook’s new send later feature, you can sending a delayed email in Outlook so that they’re sent at the perfect time. It can save you a lot of hurt feelings and has strategic value when you want to maximize the open rate of your emails.

  1. Download and install SendLater on your computer.
  2. Start the Microsoft Outlook application.
  3. Compose a new email and enter the recipient’s address.
  4. If the email is composed and ready to be sent, click the Send Later button instead of Send to send it at a later time.
  5. Please choose a convenient time for the email to send the message.

Using the above method, you can now delay sending email in Outlook. And, now, you can set the time according to your needs. How to delay all emails in Outlook by 2 minutes are answered. If you want to create email group in Outlook you can read this post.


In the end, it is important to delay sending email in Outlook. Because sending sensitive information or clicking Reply All instead of Reply can result in regret. If you are sent to the wrong person. So it is important to be careful and mindful when sending emails immediately.

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