Simple Steps to Fix Microsoft Outlook Send and Receive Error

Summary: In this professional world, Microsoft Outlook is a well-known email service provider. It contains useful features such as webmail, a task manager, a contact manager, a calendar, and so on. Whether you use Microsoft Outlook to handle your email accounts. If you cannot send and receive emails, you will not be able to manage your accounts more efficiently.

However, Outlook email services are more dependable. If technical glitches arise, such as Microsoft Outlook send and receive error or Outlook email stuck in outbox can spoil the user experience.

Every Outlook email send and receive problem has a specific cause, so some factors cause trouble while sending or receiving emails. If you want to understand what is causing this error and how to fix send and receive errors in Outlook, check out this blog post.

What is the cause behind Outlook Send Receive Error?

Users may experience Microsoft Outlook send and receive error on their devices for a variety of reasons. The most expected reasons are as follows:

  • In the operating system, there is a poor or non-existent internet connection.
  • May be incorrect Outlook email account settings.
  • Some suspicious email messages were accidentally deleted from the mailbox.
  • The Email Profile may not function properly.
  • Outlook is configured incorrectly.
  • Outlook is unable to connect to the server.
  • Problem with Outlook data files.
  • Due to large attachments.
  • Files that are unappealing.
  • Inadequate synchronization.

Learn Multiple Methods to Fix Outlook Mail Sending Error

Use one or more of the methods listed below to resolve the Microsoft Outlook send and receive error. After completing every method, send yourself a test email notification to confirm that you can send or receive messages without encountering any errors. Some of the Outlook error codes may be:

  • Downloading an incomplete message- 0x8004210a
  • The server is currently busy- 0x8004210b
  • The server cannot be identified or located- 0x800ccc0d
  • The server cannot be reached- 0x800ccc0e
  • Connection terminated- 0x800ccc0f
  • When the server’s address is unknown- 0x80040610

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Method 1: Ascertain that the Internet is Connected

If you are using Outlook mail and receive an Outlook send/receive error cannot connect to server while sending an email, you should check your internet connectivity. This error frequently occurs as a result of poor internet access. It is recommended that you check the Internet to ensure that it is functioning. The following steps will help you determine if your device is connected to the Internet or not:

internet not working

  1. Open your preferred web browser on the computer.
  2. Enter or you can type in the address bar as per your need.
  3. Now, press the Enter key.
  4. If you can access the website, that means your connection is functioning properly. Otherwise, you must reset or restart the router again.

Method 2: Way to Correct Outlook Email Account Settings

If the preceding steps didn’t help you to resolve the issue, you must check the email account settings in Outlook. Outlook send receive not working error could be caused by incorrectly configured email settings. Following are the steps to correct your email settings:

  1. Firstly, Navigate to Outlook.
  2. Choose File from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Account Settings in the Account Settings and click the Change button to proceed.
  4.  In the More Settings section, click Outgoing Server.
  5. After that, checking the box next to my outgoing server requires authentication.
  6. To log into the incoming mail server before sending mail, check the box.
  7. In the end, restart your MS Outlook and you will be able to send and receive emails normally.

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Method 3: Deactivate Antivirus or Firewall Software

Microsoft Outlook send and receive error can be caused by a firewall or antivirus software installed on the device. As a result, it is suggested that you have to disable the program to continue using Outlook mail services. Here below are the guidelines for disabling the firewall or antivirus program:

  1. Navigate to the Windows Control Panel.
  2. To configure your network connections, select the option Network Connections from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now, you choose Properties from the context menu when you right-click on it.
  4. Finally, go to the Security tab and disable your firewall or antivirus.

After your Outlook inbox has been updated and the issue resolved, you can allow the firewall and antivirus software on your device. Are you encountering Outlook Error 0x800ccc0f? Here’s what you can do to fix it

Method 4: Repair PST File to Run Inbox Manually

A private file and folder in MS Outlook include email, memos, messages, contact details, updates, and personal data, which refer to as the PST file. Whenever a PST file in Microsoft Outlook becomes corrupt, the user receives an Outlook Send Receive Error. As a result, to resolve the matter, you have to repair the PST file with the simple steps listed below.

  1. To begin, sign in to your MS Outlook account.
  2. Open the System, and press on the Settings tab.
  3. Navigate to the Update and Security option.
  4. Select the troubleshoot tab from the menu bar.
  5. Then troubleshooting procedures will begin to repair the PST file.
  6. Now, open the PST file and look for the above options:
  • Move the PST file
  • Fix the PST file
  • Back up the PST file.

You can select any of the following options to move data from your Outlook account to the other email address.

Method 5: Investigate for the Suspicious Emails

The Microsoft Outlook send and receive error can even appear as a result of some suspicious emails that have been delivered to your inbox. Further, users have to keep an eye out for suspicious spam emails and delete them as soon as they find them. However, after removing the suspicious emails from the spam filter, you will be able to send and receive messages without seeing any errors.


As I told you earlier, there are multiple techniques to fix the Outlook email send and receive problem. To rectify the issue, we have introduced manual methods in this blog. As discussed, the first manual methods with the reasons. Once I have finished discussing these techniques, I will move on to explain other techniques as well. I hope your issue regarding can receive but not send emails? Is fixed now.

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