How to Fix Outlook Exception Code 0xc0000005 Message?

Summary:- If you’re having issues with Outlook exception error code 0xc0000005. Please stay with us to find out what’s causing the problem and how to fix error code 0xc0000005.

Sometimes, you may encounter Outlook exception error code 0xc0000005, also called Access Violation Error. Whenever you try to access Outlook on your computer, you face this error. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access personal emails or data until you address the problem. And, you can also face the Outlook send and Receive Error.

Further, I shared with you some possible reasons for the Outlook crash exception code 0xc00005. So, Let’s get started.

Common Reasons Behind Microsoft Outlook Error 0xc0000005

Have you ever wondered why you can’t locate your Outlook software and receive the error message 0xc0000005? Some of the possible causes of this error which is listed below:

  • Users are entering their account information.
  • There is an issue with the email account or configuration changes.
  • The Microsoft Outlook file has been corrupt.
  • Troubles with Internet access.
  • The intervention of the System Firewall or Antivirus software
  • The Windows operating system is already out of date.
  • Infection with malware and viruses.
  • Problem with the registry.

Once you’ve learned about the probable factors of Outlook Exception Error Code 0xc0000005, users can move ahead with a solution. Because you already recognize what is occurring with this error, I highly suggest that you address it before going further. Alternatively, you can perform several tasks by going through the Email error messages to find them in this blog one by one.

How Do I Fix Outlook Exception Error Code 0xc0000005?

You can rectify your Outlook software and get it starting to work again by continuing to follow the remedies noted below. When you’re in a big rush and want your Outlook concern fixed immediately, the users can resolve their problems in many ways. This way, you can repair your Outlook rapidly and effortlessly.

Approach 1: Examine Your (BCD) Boot Configuration Data

The above technique is beneficial for the users, who are facing Outlook Exception Error Code 0xc0000005. As a result of a problem with the system updates. As such, check the BCD first, and then eliminate or fix the junk files from that. Follow the instructions further to understand how to do so:

  1. First, Launch the Run box by entering Commands into your Windows search bar.
  2. Now, assure that you have Administrator privileges once you open it, and thereafter type BCDEdit into it.
  3. Press the Enter key, and check Windows Boot Loader Route.
  4. If somehow the Boot Loader Path is xOsload.exe, you should remove a few files before fixing the BCD.

Keep in mind: Unless you proceed with the above stages, ensure you have the Windows subscription’s product key because you’ll have to re-activate your Windows till the end.

  1. The following phase is just to boot into Microsoft Windows Repair mode. The instructions you must insert to boot to MS Windows repair which is listed below.
  • Del D:\Windows\System32\xOsload.exe
  • Del D:\Windows\System32\xNtKrnl.exe
  • Del D:\Windows\System32\Drivers\oem-drv64.sys
  • attrib c:\boot\bcd -h -r -s
  • ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
  • bootrec /rebuildbcd

Approach 2: Launch the Inbox Repair Utility

Inbox Repair Utility is the unrestricted Outlook diagnostic tool that can be used. By using this tool, users can repair corrupted files and come to a resolution with your Outlook software system. However, you cannot use the software to restore files that have been significantly damaged or corrupted.

  1. First, you simply need to download and install the application from the web.
  2. After installing the tool, you can open and use it by following the on-screen instructions.

Approach 3: Run Outlook in Safe Mode

Here, I am sharing another solution to fix the Windows exception code 0xc0000005  or Outlook will not open to run your Outlook software in Safe Mode. To use Outlook in Safe Mode, follow the outlined stages.

  1. Firstly, you have to exit all Outlook files and close the software from your computer.
  2. After that, you have to press the Windows + R key to open the Run Window screen.
  3. Now, Enter “outlook.exe. /safe” in the Run Window.

In the end, assure that you mentioned everything properly in the Run Command. There is a space just after the word exe. As well, before / after “outlook.exe /safe”.

Approach 4: Deactivate some MS Outlook add-ins

If the Outlook perfectly load in Safe mode and you did not encounter any failures there, the reason for the error will be the add-ins on your Microsoft Outlook. As a result, you should disconnect such add-ins to locate the corrupted files and restore Outlook’s functionality. Follow the stages below and learn how to remove each Add-in from your Outlook.

  1. Navigate to Outlook and press the File option.
  2. Choose Option from the drop-down menu, and hit the Add-Ins.
  3. Pick Com Add-ins and then click the Go button.
  4. Now, disable all of the Add-ins from the list, and hit the Ok button.
  5. After that, close Outlook and relaunch it.

Final Say

So, in this article, as I earlier told you, there are multiple techniques to fix the Outlook Exception Error Code 0xc0000005. To ease the problem of “Windows error code 0xc0000005“, I introduced many manual instructions in this blog with you. First, we discussed the manual ways with their reasons. After that, we introduced other techniques also. I hope your issue regarding error code 0xc0000005 Windows 11 is fixed now.

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